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Adventures and Crystals, which should you bring?

As we know travel is good for the soul. It is an awesome thing to invest in travel. When doing so you have the opportunity to see through a new set of eyes. It opens you up to new experiences that expand your Horizan. It nurtures you in cultures and adventure, your mind, body, and soul are renewed.

As I think about an upcoming adventure and what to pack I wondered what crystals am I going to bring with me. I want to be sure my trip is energetically charged with positive vibe. Bringing the right crystals to help keep me grounded and connected; encouraging my journey to be the best it can be.

So let me tell you some crystals to bring along on you travels so you too can haves fun-filled,refreshing road to self discovery.

First,make sure your crystals are clean, if a full moon is near, place them in the moonlight. If the moon is not full burn some sage or frankincense and immerse your crystals with the smoke to purify them and restore their vibrancy. Once cleaned hold them and program them with your trip intentions.

Now which crystals to bring;


This stone is believed to be the travels stone. Ancient lore has it that when danger is near this stone will give a warning by shattering into pieces. Use this stone if you have a fear of flying, or jet lag. Because of its eye like pattern it holds energy of protection from accidents and dangers.keep it i your hands during your flight to help calm nerves.


Moonstone is another stone for travelers, especially for travelers over or on water. The spectrum of light is held within so it is very uplifting, like carriage a rainbow in your pocket. Moonstone brings good fortune and brings forth wishes to those who wear or carry it.


Amethyst repels negative energy and helps connect you to your spiritual self. It protects you from the evil eye which can affect your luck when traveling. With the power to transmute unwanted energy to love and positivity; it’s a great stone to meditate with.


This crystal will help you line up synchronistic events in your favor. The Universe will start to open up to you. With this stone you will meet new people and build new relationships on your adventures.


Take this stone to help with anxiety. This stone takes anxiety from your mind to your heart center. So if your nervous about new places keep lepidolite in your pocket.

Traveling is generally a wonderful experience for most, but sometime unfamiliar surroundings can bring on uncertainty. Your crystals will help calm nerves and help you remember Mother Earth on your side. Grab your crystals and go adventure!

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