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Best Christmas Markets Around the World

If you are anything like me the thought of Christmas markets is exciting, and almost turns you into an eager kid again. Nothing is more likely to get you in the mood for the festive season then a good ole’ traditional Christmas Market.

Visiting Christmas markets in the US or around the world makes a great weekend get-away or a longer vacation. So, whether you are looking to take a trip to Europe and visit a traditional Christmas market or stay on this side of the pond and visit some Christmas markets here in the USA let me tell you some of the most amazing ones from here to there.

Old Town Christmas Market; Innsbruck, Austria

It’s a given that the first one I’ll tell you about is in Austria. Where else would we begin? I’m going to take you to a wondrous snow- covered mountain in Innsbruck, Austria. Twinkling lights make this location known as Fairy tale lane; a romantic setting for some holiday shopping with your love. The aroma of freshly made “Kiachln” (which is a piping hot doughnut laced with Sauerkaut) fill the air as the sound of Christmas carols keep you humming along. The Christmas mood has been set and you may not want to leave. This incredible Christmas market starts November 15th to the 23rd of December, and 70 booths occupy the space for your shopping fun!

Koziers Christmas Village, Pennsylvania

As you are driving a dark country backroad and probably wondering if you are in the right place, you’ll go over one last hill and come across a valley with a lake that reflects millions of glistening tiny colored lights. It’s absolutely memorizing the dazzling valley you have come across is not only a stunning spectacle to see but Kozier’s Christmas market that has been running for over 70 years. Hours of operation start the first Saturday in November to January 1st. If you are in the area, I defiantly suggest you stop and shop at this amazing Christmas market.

Gardens by the Bay’s Christmas Market, Singapore

Experience snow in the tropics you ask, yes, you can! Where Santa is magic happens. With an array of activities including games and rides this Christmas market is one of the world’s largest. Wander through the 24 specially designed wooden huts and the romantic ‘Mistletoe Alley’. You will see 360,000 lights that will illuminate the entire fairground, including Asia’s tallest luminaire Christmas tree. Come for the shopping and stay for the Christmas parade, Yuletide food, and adult drinks. Runs November 29th to December 26th.

Christkindl market, Chicago IL

While shopping the loop in Chicago, don’t pass by the Christkindl market inspired by a 16th century market in Nuremberg, Germany. Taste some German cuisine, grab a German beer or warm up with a cup of Glühwein that also comes with a mug to take home. Visitors can explore vendors' products from all around the world! Opens November 15th and runs through December 23rd.

Slow market, Stellenbosch, Africa

Are you hearing jingle bells yet? Is that Christmas spirit kicking in? I hope so, it’s time to spread some joy in South Africa. Named the 5th best Christmas market in the top 50 Christmas markets in the world I bring you “Stellenbosch, Christmas Market.” You are probably wondering, “South Africa? Its summer there.” Don’t fear, this must see Christmas market offers all the goodies you would want. From gingerbread houses to 100% raw chocolate, this market has it. You will find plenty of gift inspiration, cakes, Christmas trifle, and mulled wine. It is one weekend in early December, so check the webpage for exact dates.