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Our pick of the 6 best cruise destinations you may not think about

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

With so many places to cruise how do you know which to choose from? Will you go to a beach to relax? will you rent a vehicle and explore? Do you want adventure and live life on the edge? Do you want to take in the beauty and culture of a new place? Cruises are a great way to see a variety of locations in a short amount of time. These are 6 places to visit by cruise ship.

1. Alaska

It may be a bit chilly and lack the palm trees one thinks of when a cruise it mentioned. But Alaska is a beautiful place to visit. If you love wildlife you are able to see Humpback Whales, Bears, Hawks, Moose and many other animal friends. Denali National Park is one of the sites for you to explore, get on your hiking shoes and check out the highest point in North America!

2. Hawaii

How does a little Island hopping sound in gorgeous Hawaii? Cruises are a great way to taste each Hawaiian Island. On an Hawaiian cruise take in the culture and traditions on the ship. You can enjoy the Island vibes even on the ship! When you get to port there are so many opportunities to try, go hiking, take a helicopter tour, go rafting, take a boat trip, learn to surf, and so much more. The scenery is out of this world, oceans, mountains, beaches, volcano's you will be in awe!

3. Norway

Even though you will need to pack your sweater instead of your tank top a cruise around Norway will be unforgettable. Daytime will seem to last forever, leaving you able to marvel at the midnight sun! Look out for the Northern lights in their splendid colors you can only see in Norway! There are over 1000 Fjords. Although, you wont be able to take them all in, they are the most important feature in Norway. You will be able to check out these beautiful extensions of the sea! You will also get to experience the Arctic Circle where you will personally notice the change in the water, temperature and climate.

4. The Nile

A cruise down the worlds longest river will have you feeling adventurous! You will see extraordinary monuments, the stunning valley and beauty of the surrounding desert, will leave you speechless. This cruise will give you the opportunity to visit many historical sites such as Valley of the Kings and other temples. The best months to go is between October and April the summer months (June to August) can be extremely hot.

5. New Zealand

You will find yourself among stunning views in peaceful locations. This cruise will lead you to the Great Barrier Reef where you will find incredible fish and wildlife. The bay of Islands will have you cruising with dolphins and other marine life. When you head towards Gisborne you will learn about the Maori culture and history along stunning beaches. On South Island you will visit the oldest wine making region, Napier. Visit a top class winery. This cruise is your experience of a lifetime.

6. Mediterranean

Your eyes won't believe the visually staggering views with tons of history. A Mediterranean cruise will surround you with wonders such as Cinque Terre, the culturally transcendent Alhambra, and the Belém Tower monument. You will fall in love with the Mediterranean through this cruise's enriching experiences.

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