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The Best Wellness Trends for 2021, Are You Ready?

It is not a secret that wellness travel is on the rise. Travelers are actively seeking ways to enhance their well-being on the go, both physically and emotionally. The Wellness Tourism Association defines Wellness travel as: "Travel that allows the traveler to maintain, enhance, or start a new healthy lifestyle." So, of course to support one's sense of well being, mind, body, and soul wellness is an important part of vacations.

The wellness travel industry will soon reach $1 trillion annually. Research supports that three-quarters of all travelers today prefer some kind of healthy travel experience during their vacation.

Understanding some of the important wellness trends that will persist in the coming years can help enhance your vacation and find the excursions that are the best ones for you.

Lets get started, here are the top 5 picks.

Back to Nature

Healthy travel today embraces a holistic model that acknowledges physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Natural environments invite self exploration and appreciation of life in general. Nature brings peace to the soul, surrounded by ocean, trees, sand, caves or whatever your preferences are. Nature is a great way to find inner peace, emotional wellness, and spiritual awareness.

There are also countless physical activities to do outdoors. whether you hike, ski, bike, run, kayak, swim, the options are endless. There are so many different activities to do outdoors on vacation it is certain that everyone will find some physical activity to fit the perfect wellness plan.

Nature travel is likely to continue to be popular among those seeking healthy travel.

Disconnect and De-stress

Another growing wellness trend is disconnecting from technologies, yes, including your phone. In a world of computers, smartphones, and so much information bombarding us humans everyday travelers are seeking opportunities to detach. It's time to drop your phone at the vacation door, breath deep and enjoy a tech-free trip.

Go Alone

Solo travel has been increasing for quit some time. It will remain one of the wellness trends in the coming years.

Solo travel gives the gift to explore spiritual health while also engaging in other wellness activities. From Yoga retreats, meditation retreats, spas, to solo adventure trips or just taking in the history of a new place. Solo travel will increase in the next years.

Eco-Conscious Choices

Awareness of environmental sustainability is definitely advancing. According to the International Ecotourism Society, Eco-Tourism is described as: "responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and sustains the well-being of local people." But it not only means going to Costa Rica, or the Amazon, for some people these choices include accommodations, destinations, and activities that are environmentally friendly. Beautiful natural environments, and minimizing the impact of tourism in that environment. For your next vacation think about getting out there and not only having a great adventure, help protect the natural land, peoples and wildlife, the future will thank you.

Uncrowded places, Uncrowded mind

Many vacationers will be skipping many of the overcrowded, overdone typical spots. Instead, they will be heading to quieter, smaller places to enjoy under tourism. For a personalization, healthy culinary experiences, and eco-conscious travel choices, these lesser-traveled destinations can offer more vacation for your budget. For example instead of Venice or Rome, travelers will be going to Bolzano or Trieste. Finding smaller towns that are less populated may be a great choice for you to relax and rewind.

Wellness doesn't necessarily mean hiking up a mountain, going to spas or mediation retreats. We have only talked about a few top wellness trends that will continue to increase in popularity. Sometimes a wellness vacation could just be an escape from the ordinary day to day life to connect emotionally to yourself, to your family, or to your spirituality.