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The Stuff Nightmares are Made of

4 creepy haunted places in America

With it being Halloween, let’s talk haunted houses. This isn’t about those overdone attractions to get a good scare, this is about real haunted houses in America. The kind where the unexplained happens.

In these houses the residents have heard voices, seen objects move, Been touched, and witnessed creepy visions. These homes are the real and true haunted houses. Although, we may not be able to visit them they are our what nightmares are made of.

Here are the top

Louisiana has many haunted sights, but this abandoned jail in Deridder is a top on my list of scary places. Built in 1914 it has been plagued with rumors of hauntings ever since. Investigators have been touched by unseen presence. Photos of strange sights have been taken. It is the home of executions including two men who were hung from a stairwell for killing a taxi driver. Giving this jail the well-known name as ‘The Hanging Jail.’ Inside the building you will find some strange features including a spiral stone staircase, and a tunnel connecting the jail to the courthouse. The jail closed in 1984 when a photo was taken and there seems to be a spirit sitting on the porch; some say it was an old jailer who worked there. This haunted location in Louisiana has been featured on the travel channel. Visitors have flocked there to grab photos of ghostly figures themselves; some say they have. So, take a tour, and snap your own photos; who knows what you’ll see.

Detroit is full of ghostly stories. Let’s take a look at a the largest Masonic Temple In the world. Built in 1912 with a labyrinth type layout, secret compartments, hidden staircases, and rooms behind walls that no one can find. It certainly sounds like it could be haunted. George D. Mason built the Masonic Temple well over his budget and ended up going bankrupt. After filing bankruptcy his wife left him. Now, George had no money; his wife was gone, he felt helpless and depressed. George went to the rooftop and jumped. His ghost remains in his precious Temple. If you want to visit a place and possibly hear doors slamming, see shadows moving or George himself walking the staircase to his death you might pay a visit to this Masonic Temple. But, I will warn you, you are being watched!

Maple Hill Cemetery in Alabama has a few ghost stories to make your bones shiver. 5 governors lay to rest here. Thomas Bibb Alabama’s second governor is the subject of many of them. The stories say if you stand near his grave at dusk a carriage drawn by four black horses can be seen with Thomas Bibb sitting inside. If that’s not creepy enough another story naming the cemetery as the ‘Dead’s Children’s playground’ might spook you. The graveyard received this name because it is said all the children buried there come out to play. As a legend has it in 1960 several children were abducted and there bodies were found at the ‘Dead Children’s playground.’ If you walk through you may see swings moving by themselves even on still days. If you listen children’s laughter can be heard when no one is around.

Looking for a place to go and get a great nights sleep? For $200.00 a night you can stay in ‘The Villisca ax murder house.’ This cute house sits peacefully on a quiet street in Iowa. The house is different from others around, it looks as though it’s from another era, or dimension standing dark and worn. In June of 1912 the family of Josiah Moore had some young visitors for the night. Sometime between 12:00 A.M.-5:00A.M an unknown assailant broke in and brutally murdered everyone in the house, that person was never caught. Paranormal investigators have provided videos and audio materials of the activities in this house. So when in Iowa and need a good nights sleep you may want to check it out.

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